Baseball Prospectus 2020 por Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus 2020 por Baseball Prospectus

April 8, 2020

Titulo del libro : Baseball Prospectus 2020
Autor : Baseball Prospectus

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Baseball Prospectus con Baseball Prospectus 2020

Reseña del editor The 2020 edition of The New York Times Bestselling Guide.PLAY BALL! The 25th edition of this industry-leading baseball annual contains all of the important statistics, player predictions and insider-level commentary that readers have come to expect, along with significant improvements to several statistics that were created by, and are exclusive to, Baseball Prospectus, and an expanded focus on international players and teams.Baseball Prospectus 2020 provides fantasy players and insiders alike with prescient PECOTA projections, which The New York Times called “the überforecast of every player’s performance.” With more than 50 Baseball Prospectus alumni currently working for major-league baseball teams, nearly every organization has sought the advice of current or former BP analysts, and readers of Baseball Prospectus 2020 will understand why! Biografía del autor Baseball Prospectus is an organization devoted to the sabermetric analysis of baseball. BP has a staff of regular columnists and provides advanced statistics as well as player and team performance projections on its website and in publications.